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On the basis of the ever growing demand in the field of management, the IMIT group started an MBA program under the Department of Business Management . It is a four semester course leading to a master degree in business administration(MBA). Every year 60 students are taken through the Joint Entrance Examination, Odisha. The Department has been running with the successful track record of academic activities . It has made fabulous growth in terms of physical facilities, well equipped computer center, library and a team of well qualified and experienced faculty members. The Institute examinations results in the MBA Colleges have been outstanding in the past years and the students have got the ranks in the Merit Lists. The T & P Cell has also impressively organized numerous campus interviews from time to time where many students have been selected in companies of repute.


There is a computer laboratory for MBA students comprising of 30 computers having state of the art technology.


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            Over the past few years, there has been a sizable demand for admission in the MBA course and so also the demand for sectoral specialization like Banking, Insurance, Retailing, Hospital Administration; Logistic etc. have also gone up. The Institutes has been receiving querries very often from middle/level working executives in the corporate sector not having a MBA degree to undergo such courses to upgrade their carrer progression. There are many instances where in working professionals have been quitting jobs and joining MBA Institutes for acquiring business fundamental in their respective fields. The course in MBA-Part time is primarily designed to cate to such demands relevant to these people. In the aforesaid context this Institute while accelerating the growth of management education in the state realizes the importance of Part time MBA program for working executives in order to give a fillip to their career.


    • To give a new dimension to the career growth of working executives in the state.
    • To cater to the demand for management education of professionals from different disciplines.
    • To help up-bring professional approach among various functional departments of the state by way of receiving employees from such departments as students.
    • To contribute to the state’s economy and development process by inviting participation of employees as students from developmental sectors.
    • To amalgamate hands on experience of the working executives with the pedagogy of management teaching of the Institute.
    • To share ideas both in practice and theory with the student-turned working executives.
    • To develop, reserve and share tacit knowledge from various corporate sector in the form of participation of working executives as students.
    • To create and conserve various success stories as case studies for budding managers. 


    Part time MBA program under BPUT has been designed primarily to target young and middle aged executives of Government, public and private undertakings who are suffering from early and mid-career crisis due to lack of professional qualification. Moreover, professionals like practicing Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs and freelancers may also take this opportunity to groom their business acumen for further development in their respect fields.


    Part time MBA Program under BPUT, Orissa is of 3 years duration in Semester mode. A student in the said course has to appear end Semester mode. A student in the said course has to appear end Semester exam as per the academic calendar of the University, apart from internal assessment exam at the institutional level as per rules of examination of the University from time to time. A student has to cover specialization courses in any two of the disciplines like HRM, Finance, Marketing, Systems etc. Besides, the courses also cover sectoralsepcialisation such as Banking and Insurance, Hospital Administration, Retail Management, Systems and IT etc., apart from courses in core area like Behavioural Sciences, Financial and Management Accounting, HR and Industrial Relation, Industrial and Business Laws, MIS, Managerial Economics and QT.