The Institute of Management and Information Technology(IMIT), formerly known as College of Accountancy and Management Studies (CAMS), Cuttack was founded way back in 1962. It is a unique prestigious institution of the Government of Odisha, and has positioned itself as a premier institute offering various professional and technical courses that groom the students to cater to the expectations of modern industry.

The college offers Post Graduate and Research programmes in computer science and Business Administration. The College campus is located at Jobra, Cuttack, on the bank of the river Mahanadi. Being twin to the state capital, Bhubaneswar, the Cyber heart of Odisha, it enjoys many advantages.Its close proximity to many large scale industries, central and state public sector undertaking and technical institutions has provided opportunities to its students for project work, practical training and research. While strengthening human resource development efforts in the country, this college lays greater emphasis on qualitative sense of education and not merely quantitative one.

Vision of IMIT :

  • To be an Institute of national repute and center of excellence in imparting professional education and research through innovative, rigorous and Compassionate Education.

Mission of IMIT :

  • To inspire the students and create a climate of learning.
  • To empower the students with Knowledge and Professional skill to face the challenges of changing environment.
  • To maintain the high standards of professional education with a value orientation.
  • To provide a broad range of career-oriented programs to meet the needs of society in general and professional education in particular.


Dear Friends,
You are at the threshold of taking one of the most important decisions of your life i.e. choosing a right career through a programme of study at an academic institution of higher learning. Options are many. There are peer pressures. All those, who care for you, may have an opinion, which course of study you should pursue so that you succeed in your life. There may be many role models in front of you. You have your own dreams, too. In totality, confusion prevails all over. What if you choose a wrong course? What if you choose a wrong Institution? Your parents have also their inclinations, anxieties, dreams and what not. But if you land at good institution with a good course, there is also an exciting time ahead. Fortunately, there is information and knowledge explosion through various media, which may help you to take a right decision. You may have done your homework in this regard. You know your strengths, your weaknesses and your opportunities. There are scientific ways and means to know your Intelligence , Emotional Quotients and aptitude. Quotients can always be improved through practice and commitment; moreover a person normally possesses multiple aptitudes. So, leave all confusions aside and take a well thought decision. So, welcome to your second home and very best wishes for a successful and rewarding career.

Prof. (Dr.) M D Satpathy,